We are now on the third out of Four series of color charts for spring/summer 2015 and  you can start to see where darker shades are starting to go.
The three most dominant colours are the teal blue’s in this chart but they are all in different “cast” from each other. The casts of the colours are divided into the major three mixing colours: yellow, red, blue and grey. It indicates that if a blue is “yellow casted” it will have more green character and fall under the “teal” family of blues, and so will the grey casted if they are light enough to change color without turning to dark and then fall under “saturated” hues.
The grey pantone plays a big part as a “blue” casted grey and a “shade” (a no-colour) in layering pieces and in a lot of stripes. But since grey is a pretty “safe” shade it will be seen mostly in solids.
The red’s and brown’s in this family are the “warm” colours of the chart and they are both yellow casted. These will become essential for this season in a lot of embellishments and embroideries and will most definitely make great prints. We have already seen some amazing pieces on the runways to inspire us for our spring vacations, events and weddings for the summer months!
Enjoy our third direction for spring!

Lenzing-SS-2015-Women-L 310177516_905808169451892_449004497099353881_ntealandrust96987df943a92d4a2a82f6554c7a20e3c5040d49525e97f907f0c28b917690e3c880c81e47e7b3428345c4c3382edbaf7d529989129aba5027d29faab53f3f5c059056997403bab69a69b356158f8da1fba449060f51220fa114aede409686909419cd2745fb086d455d5cfb0761ca346c8f0f77988130398fa68503bbdcfcb85179be583e1ff7828e0ba4acbb52cae4

The earthy rusty tones in this chart are emphasised in fabrics like plush velvets, silk, chiffon  and linens for this season. There are several shades of rusty and plum reds and some are presented in iridescent fabrics, however I firmly believe we will see this combination of reds in dramatic prints and layers this season.

6c9bdf66d828350e855572e06c85753aRUST1Cara Delevingne for Oxygen Boutique Lookbook (Spring-Summer 2011) photo shoot87d4b1c0313ed4facff90b93fb99e6870a84c31cb7a114a158cfab4af8370effbaa6fe4041f363f13e235e3dc5c698e877107357b4269ff123b73bfd2d9c8ce70f6901dcfd67738b6c525877809ea685c0a8007f7ab11ae5fe5a7787b63302ab



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