Welcome to the second part of the mini-series of our color chart!
This selection is a continuation of the previous chart we made with dreamy pastels and foggy shades with some important accent hues.
The lilac’s and baby blue’s will likely been seen with the yellows and golds thus emphasis is mainly on the 70’s look this season. The grey-casted mint green has been seen both in print and solids in this seasons resort collections and will have a great impact on the summer and transition months as well.
Another important element in this chart, is the gold hues we will likely be seeing a lot of this spring. You could already see tendencies of gold in some resort collections and previous fall couture pieces in shimmery platinums and lame’ threads to inspire the next coming collection.
We are looking forward to seeing how this trend will transpire into the streets of LA when we hit the warmer months.

Lenzing-SS-2015-Women-L 2

PANTONE 13-6203 TPX “Bok choy”

GREEN TILES52b5b6280d5219ae6da65215fed6316e

PANTONE 13-3822 TPX “African Violet” and 14-3209 TPX “Pastel Lavender”.

0f41865c99cb10cf2ea0a86a60acde574460f06862c21f150f45832efd7e9d89d480906141f8d3a558522ded92ceb338 559bcdabe9fd5e419e67e1525aef5e3b 099741f0ab31dfa3fcca641c93782c4a a9686f6115e4ee7e38bf979439d2d132 5789410472e8a6b914369618079c91e2

PANTONE 13-4200 TPX “Omphalodes”

1af2aa1f27d88162bfe5ae66f7715e40f17f498857e502c8a7861c24e3bc3055 cf17de0a76a7e62a7025613cf3d552d5e594484da8826cf47b43f252b2b1a60c0aba2a613751e4609e7f495886fe2800

PANTONE 14-0846 TPX ” Yolk Yellow”


PANTONE 14-1012 “Metallic Gold”

Gold will become an essential in all accessories and remain a great accent in a lot of RTW collections. Many designers has been influenced by the 70’s and the “Gold Era”  70s goldff9ccc5bd9544e2b8f1f35c99a75143970s images rightd55c1862afcb24616f5a27b482c49f64 af7eacf5028417fd83af45cfe7e5a949 cf0326c035cf0c7a483997173a84b240 1cc3dc4486dc05bbc2fe0633a7d0c01a


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