After a few days of traveling in search of inspiration for the new forecast season, we have returned and I am channeling my inner boho chic side here with a print against a solid grey. 
Through our travels we have uncovered some magnificent prints and color combinations and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Furthermore back in the present, a very “futuristic space” movement is rising upon us with iridescent fabrics, plastic and acrylic formations in accessories and trainer collaborations everywhere! As we touched on in the previous post, this is just the beginning of the season, so stay tuned for more current updates right here.
Like in every forecast, these predictions tend to (reload) evolve and change slightly as the season move forward. The starwars looking trainers might take a turn into rubber loafers or the shiny jackets might turn into solid raincoats instead. However this is all a part of the job so we are indescribably excited to start the new season off with discovering the future!

In the meantime, here is my “Quick Look” of the week.

10007408_900337143332328_1201669019005545831_n Edited-9 Edited-6 Edited-7Edited-5Edited-4 Edited-3 Edited-2 Edited-1


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