When the holidays come around, time seems to immediately go out the window. So gift guides come in well handy as inspiration for us here at RE. I’ve always had wish lists down to my feet with options, however what we wanted to do differently this time around was to keep it short and sweet with the best and hottest pieces!
The flatlay of ideas is filled with highly desirable gifts (maybe a little out of the average price range, more inspiration focused). Everyone has a few of the “out of reach” pieces on their list, don’t they? Here at RE we pride ourselves on finding great alternatives for you. So, without further ado – if our first gift guide didn’t help you through the christmas shopping jungle, maybe this one will! RE x

Tech gadgets available at
390529666a5c1dc9a259bf391cae8bba 2d3ba3a247db597b3007e7f8af2475c3
Alexander Wang ashtray $95 and playing cards $55
Made Well Scarf
Marc by Marc Jacobs $25 at 19dlrs
Gold bracelet $19 from
The American States in gold from Fifth&Mae.
Safe choice.. Balenciaga giant stud bracelets $225 -$250
Last but not least I had to add this cork globe. Im not sure exactly who I would buy this for but It just looks amazing to me ❤
Find this gem at

Cheerful Wishes! Re.


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