Nuff said’, How to wear culottes? It can be a bit of a challenge I have to admit. If you are tall and slim anything goes really but what about the rest of us? Being 5ft 3′ might not be the ideal height for culottes but I have never given up on a look because of my frame!
I decided to focus on how to wear this incredible “cool girl” piece in all the right ways.
Many like to think that this look makes you look shorter or stumpier, however if you focus on adding the right elements with it, you can really achieve the opposite.
I have a pair of Sandro culottes in navy that I wear to death with a nude super fine turtleneck with a very long sleeve which gives my torso a more sleek and elongated look.
Then I just add a killer pointy heel or a strappy sandal to finish off the outfit.
Some shorter culottes look their best when combined with something simple like a printed t-shirt or a crop top, which also gives you more room for footwear action like a super simple birkenstock or a classic Balenciaga brogue.
Don’t be afraid to mix!





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