Meet Charlotte Tilbury, she is a veteran in the make up and beauty industry and an incredible creative artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion  industry today.
Charlotte who has been working as a beauty expert for over 20 years got her inspiration from her artistic parents growing up in London and Ibiza where she found herself surrounded by creative and free spirits on a daily basis. She was always very fond of women and what made them so beautiful, and she was already at a very young age determined to find their “secret weapon”. At 13, she discovered the mascara which was the beginning of her journey to beauty school “Glauca Rossi School of Make-Up” where she met fellow make up artist Mary Greenwell who introduced her to the world of shoots, campaigns and fashion shows.
Today Charlotte has developed her own make up and skincare line under her own name which you can find at and her website

10557304_856424561056920_1768030153607154364_nSTYLE_COVER_CHARLOTTECharlottes work for Vogue, POP,V magazine and Interview.97b4f38955e016041a7a73508e25de2e 263ea3e104ec1ecdd8ba71e2aeadbc97 2354e48fd2937e7a40c2004c95dfe98e


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