Its that time of year again for the Spring Summer collections to show and every single editor, stylist, designer, and blogger has taken off to start the FW journey in New York City.
We are beyond excited to cover some instant trends straight off the runway, and I am already seeing some super wearable and functional pieces along with innovative prints and materials for Spring/Summer 2015!

I like to use the words ‘Essential Trends’ as they are simply trends that wont go out of style. One obvious such, is now the Fringe! It is constantly re-occurring and it will always look fresh and stylish if you combine it with something basic. For SS15 it is more refined and less chunky and it appears to be presented on patches and in asymmetrical shapes to create effect.
So HOLD ON to those trends that become essentials such as the returning fringe handbag or dress, and remember that this trend became a sensation in the 70’s so It will be up for grabs at the local vintage store as well as Barneys!



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