JC De Castelbajac, mostly famous for his rebellious designs is a multi-talent who knows his art as a painter and a live artist.
In his latest exhibition he showcases “The Ghosts of Eden” which takes place at the actual Eden Rock in St Barths.
He talks about his own “ghosts” and how he wanted to evoke the link between the ghosts of his childhood, Innocence and the friends that he’s lost along the way.
He feels closer to the invisible and the things he’s never known, and says it is all about the accident.

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Jean-Charles or JC/DC as he likes to sign his work as started out early as a true artist.
Already when he was 6 years old he started drawing on pavements and walls with chalk,
and soon became very inspired by Keith Harings iconic artwork.
Keith Harings work is unnoticeably recognizable by most today with his simple yet expressive illustrations and drawings and JCs was especially fascinated by his “subway art”.


Jean Charles started off drawing angels and faces on walls himself describing it
as “friendly grafitti” all over Paris.



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